I'm David
Computer Engineer
Bioinformatics & Computational Biology



I'm David

I like to feel that I take part of a group of people who want to change the world around them and lend their knowledge to lay the bases of technology in coming years. One day I found in technology the way to do science and I directed my professional future towards research in bioinformatics and computational drug discovery.

AI Tools


Backend Stack

PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
Amazon Web Services
Git, Linux


Bioinformatics Researcher

BioCoRe S.Coop

(feb. 2022)

Study of the regulation of gene expression in cells of the immune system of mice by altering their microbiome.

• Single Cell NGS clustering analysis

• Peak Calling and Gene Expression analysis

• Combined pathway analysis

GenDock Tool

Final Degree Project

(2020 - 2021)

Virtual Screening Tool with Machine Learning for drug discovery. Have been used for searching bioactive compounds from marine bacterias

• Virtual Screening platform

• Molecular DataBases Integration

• Deep Learning QSAR Models for drug screening aceleration.

• Python Desktop App

Software Developer

Neobotik Soluciones Industriales S.L

(oct. 2018 - oct. 2020)

• Backend Developer of Pallbotik application.

• Development of Embedded Applications for Industry 4.0 environments (Java/Python).

• URScript Programming for Universal Robots Collaborative Robots (URScript).

• Communication and synchronization of Siemens systems and Cobots.

Area of Interest

Computational biology

QSAR Models

Virtual Screening

AI in Healthcare and Medical Diagnosis

Data Preprocessing

Deep Learning Models

Next Generation Sequencing

Oxford Nanopore Technologies